Paris prep

After being fortunate enough to spend last summer in Spain studying my beloved Spanish, I will spend the month of September visiting some other European countries that I did not have time to visit on my last Euro trip.  This gives me more motivation to study french during my last weeks as a college student since France will be the second stop on our trip.  As I was procrastinating reading my French literature book, I began to notice that I was surrounded by French inspiration.  Since I’m pretty sure that last Summer I left part of my heart in Spain, it won’t be surprising if I leave another piece in France.

Beautiful heels from the French designer Charles Jourdan.  I got them on sale which makes me love them more!

I have a weakness for silk shirts, especially this pastel one from the French designer Equipment and this red one from Haute Hippie.

Antique perfume bottle and vintage inspired “Paris” box.

French movies for my french film class, I never knew that The Birdcage (La Cage Aux Folles) was originally a French film, but I was so excited when I found out!

Ok so what does this AG denim jacket and print scarf have to do with France?  Nothing. But this has become my go-to combo lately, and will most likely accompany me to France…Italy…London…