Rag and Bone, you got me again.

Rag and Bone, I just can’t resist you.  But I don’t mind one bit, especially since these little beauties arrived today, just in time for the weekend!  I promptly ran to the “cloffice,” ripped open the box, confirmed the fit, and wore them for the next 30 minutes while staring at my closet and trying to mentally construct the outfits that I’ve been waiting to wear with these booties.  I’ve searched for the Rag and Bone Newbury boot on multiple occasions, but my size and color preference never seemed to be available.  Until now…

My new shoe excitement has me searching for summer outfit inspiration, and wondering, what’s your favorite way to wear a Newbury or Newbury-ish bootie?


Surprise Surprise

Two big announcements coming soon!  One might actually be quite a bit bigger than the other, but I am equally as excited about both of them (I try not to pick favorites).  Hint, one of them is coming in the mail in 2 days.  I love free 3 day shipping from Shopbop.  Anyways, I’m not quite ready to talk about the second one, but this may be another hint:  I have been studying quite a bit for my class on Chinese culture, the class that I decided to take for “fun.”  Since it is taught in English, versus in Spanish or French like the rest of my classes, I figured, piece of cake!  Come to find out there’s a large amount of history and dates to memorize, not to mention lots of words in Chinese and pictographs which have zero meaning to me.  However, as soon as my professor mentioned Feng Shui, I perked right up.  I have always thought that this concept was so interesting, but has never taken the time to research much about it.  Of course we only spent about 10 minutes talking about Feng Shui, but I did learn a few things.

1.  It is illegal to practice Feng Shui in China even though that is where it originated.

2.  You should never live at the end of a culdasac, especially with your front door facing the street.

3.  Your bed should never be facing the door to the bathroom.

What does this have to do with anything?  Well, those three facts are just to show off what I learned in class today, but in addition to them, I am very interested in finding spaces that have been Feng Shui-ed.  I began to do some research on boutiques that have embraced the concept of Feng Shui, and so far have only managed to find one photo.  Does anyone else know about any boutiques that have embraces this concept?  By the way, doesn’t her clothing rack look so nice, that’s what I call color coordinated.


Photo via here.