“Cloffice” before and after

I had a request to see my “cloffice” (closet+office for those of you who haven’t read the previous posts.  I prefer “cloffice” mainly out of my laziness to keep finding the “+” button).  Now, if somebody was talking about her dream of making a closet and office combination, I’d totally want to see that too, complete with before and after pictures.  But here’s the thing, it’s not finished!  I still haven’t put my artwork on the walls, I have a giant empty shelf above my desk, which I have no idea what to put up there (but realistically it will most likely be more shoes), and I am still trying to figure out where to put this amazing vintage-looking door.  It’s kind of hard to explain so maybe I should just show some pictures.  Keep in mind that this room is a work in progress, but after graduation in June, it will become one of my top priorities!  I have a lot of pictures, so click here to see more!

Obviously a before photo, I don’t usually have a million things shoved into the closet, but this to make room for the move.

Just one of many after shots.  Click here to see all of the photos.

(On a side note, the colored photos were taken with my Iphone via Instragram, so they may not be as clear as other photos.  However, I will give updates on my “cloffice” as it becomes more complete, and I will be sure to use my actual camera next time).

What do you call an office+closet?

Some people dream about having a huge closet.  Other people dream about having a large office all to themselves.  And I dream about having a large closet WITH an office inside of it.  My dream started to turn into reality when my boyfriend and I decided to turn a spare bedroom into my closet+office.  He has his own office filled with sports and music memorabilia, but I never felt inspired when I would try to write in that space.  My new space is coming along very nicely, and the closet aspect of this room is nearly complete thanks to new shelving, enormous shoe racks, and several cabinets.  However, I am still struggling with how to make my office work space feel like me.  This weekend I battled the last minute Easter crowds who were hunting for the last pastel baskets and egg shaped candies, in search little bits and pieces to make my my office+closet (should I just start calling it a cloffice?) complete.

A canvas pin board with a map of London is much more modern than a cork board.

Blue tinted glasses with gold embellishments to hold lip gloss, makeup brushes…

Lollia bath salts which I use in drawers as sachets, or out in the open as room fresheners.

Stocking up on eco friendly “Thank you” cards because I’m notorious for not sending them when I should.  I can never find one when I need one!  (Notice part of the Eiffel Tower on the “Paris” pin board in the background?  I ended up returning to the store because I couldn’t get the “London” without the “Paris”).

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