Rag and Bone…Otra vez.

As much as I have embraced pastel pants for this spring and summer (as you can see here), I still love a great pair of black pants.  Since it gets cool around sunset, I decided to break out my favorite Rag and Bone jeans for a casual dinner date.  These jeans are actually referred to as their “Legging jean” but in my opinion are more like a stretchy cotton twill than denim, which makes them incredibly comfortable.

I’m wearing Rag and Bone jeans of course, Bobi tee, AG denim jacket, Louis Vuitton wedges, and Chanel bag.

Cork in the “Cloffice”

So as you may already know, I am forever working on my “Cloffice” (which by the way I discovered that I’m not a genius who invented this word, many people have already used it, but usually in regards to making a hall closet into an office.  But in my case, since I made a spare bedroom into a closet/office combo, I’ll take partial credit).  I was writing a French paper last Thursday and realized that I needed to do something about the big empty wall above my desk.  Sooo drab, sooo plain, sooo blah.  I immediately marched down to my local craft store, picked up some cork tiles of various sizes, and set to work creating a little inspiration wall.  Although this wall is far from complete, I took some before and after pictures so I could see my progress.  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Take some before pictures so you can compare them with the finished project when you’re done.  Preferably using the Camera+ app on your iPhone so you can fade the color and convince yourself that the transformation is even more drastic.  Look at that silly mess all over my desk and that plain wall.  Papers everywhere, not acceptable!


Step 2: Open your boxes of thumb tacks and mmediately spill both containers all over the desk.

Step 3: Use wall mount tape (it comes with the cork tiles), and arrange a pattern that you like along the wall.  Try not to push too hard when sticking the cork to the wall in case you need to rearrange (that tape is STICKY).

Step 4: Start posting!  For me, I like to stick things to the inspiration board that inspire me, or that I would lose if they weren’t there.  For example, I hate having business cards in my wallet, so I stick some of the more important ones on this board (and by important I mean the shoe salesman at Nordstroms and the manager of the Louboutin store in Las Vegas).  I also like to post articles from magazines, inspirational quotes, and photo booth photos that never fit correctly in frames.


Step 5: Don’t worry if you don’t fill up every available space, it’s better to leave some room for future cork-board-worthy finds.

P.S.  Did you notice the Paris and London pin boards that got demoted?  I was raving about them a couple months ago and was originally planning on mounting them above my desk but they are quite heavy!  Cork board is way easier, so I will  have to find a new home for these ones.

Minty Leopard

As I mentioned in my last post, I am loving this warmer weather!  It’s nice being able to throw on a top without having to cover it with multiple layers.  I used this opportunity to break out some new summery pieces that have been waiting patiently in my closet.  One such piece would be this minty chiffon blouse layered over a leopard tank that my sis picked out for me at Aritzia (ok I obviously couldn’t completely get away from the layers).  5 minutes into this courtyard shoot, I realized that I would much rather be in the pool that taking pictures by it.  C’est la vie.

Both tops by Wilfred, Diesel Bi-Bi jeans (one of my favorite pairs), Christian Louboutin heels, Hermes bag

Garden party

Just a little garden stroll with my new favorite Habitual jeans.  I was worried they might look too leathery since they are a coated denim, but they are the perfect waxy finish that I was looking for.  I picked up this top on my last trip to Santana Row to visit my sister in San Jose, and it has easily become one of my favorite blouses.  My only regret is that I didn’t buy it in the cobalt blue color in addition to this white one.

BCBG blouse, Habitual Addison Moto jeans, Louis Vuitton Mahina bag, Christian Louboutin heels.

Buy one, buy all: Impulse shopping

Do you ever buy one article of clothing, and then you buy a pair of heels, and then you realize you need that matching whatever, so you buy that too.  Then next thing you know, a good chunk of your checking account is gone?  I sometimes feel that once I start shopping, it kick starts my shopping addiction, and I feel the need to buy absolutely everything on my wishlist.  This is a slight problem for me, especially since I am saving for surprise number 2, which I still can’t mention quite yet.  In my defense, I love all of my impulse splurges, and it all started with a ruined Bobi tee (my favorite basic).  The next thing I know I have 6 Bobi tees in my online shopping basket, (a few on pre-order), a Helmut Lang Jacket (that in my defense, I have wanted since winter), and a unique pair of Habitual coated jeans that were just delivered today.  Pictures coming soon!

Just so you know: Revolve Clothing is my favorite place to find the Bobi tees, they always have the best colors.