♥About TCA

It’s hard for me to know when my style obsession began, but I do know that it grows stronger by the day.  I understand that fashion is not for everyone, but I love everything about it.  It’s my love, my career, and my therapy.

I live on the beautiful California coast where I am surrounded by beauty every day.  I started this site as a way to document the things that I love, and join a community where others share my same passion for style.  Feel free to contact me through my blog or at closetanthropologist@gmail.com.

Kris ♥ The Closet Anthropologist

3 thoughts on “♥About TCA

    • Hi Chelsie! Thank you so much for your sweet words! I am still very new at this whole blogging process, and I definitely learn something new everyday. I started this blog due to the encouragement of some friends (thanks Julia and Nitzan!), as a way to share some of the things I truly love. I am an online style stalker, absolutely obsessed with fashion, so this was my way of turning it into something more productive. I get most of my inspiration from streetstyle blogs, which is a little ironic because I have yet to do any streetstyle posts on The Closet Anthropologist, but I plan to try some out in the future. As far as promoting my blog, I really haven’t done much, I currently don’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account to publicize posts, but I know a lot of people suggest doing that. If I come across a blog I love I either follow them or leave a comment like you did to show my support 🙂 I will be sure to check our your blog, feel free to email me at closetanthropologist@gmail.com, good luck!

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