Memorial memories

I’ve been struggling to get back to real life after my too-short holiday weekend, but I figure it’s now or never if I want to compile a Memorial weekend photo diary.  My boyfriend and I decided to spend the weekend in Las Vegas, but the 1 hour plane ride that we are so familiar with, turned into a 9 hour car ride (thanks holiday traffic) when our flight was cancelled.  The drive to Las Vegas is really not that bad seeing as how California and Nevada are neighbors, but when you combine normal LA traffic with a holiday, things are about to get messy.  Regardless, I came back with a few items that made the trip well worth the drive.

The beginning of every trip starts with me saying goodbye to this little face, which is one of the hardest things to do.

My view for too many hours…desert…and more desert.

Finally the Las Vegas view we all love.  My view from the Encore Hotel, one of my favorites.

And my favorite part of Las Vegas, hands down…the shopping!  I stared at these Charlotte Olympia shoes for longer than necessary.

While I couldn’t bring those beautiful shoes home, I did pick up some classic nude YSL Tributes.

Now for the trip home…

Finally some ocean.

And a little Memorial Day pool time to finish off the weekend.

8 thoughts on “Memorial memories

  1. It looks like such a fun weekend, and I LOVE those shoes, almost as much as I love that little white fluff ball! 🙂

    • I HIGHLY recommend the Encore (or the Wynn) next time you are in Las Vegas! They have an amazing room service menu (and I’m very picky because I’m a vegetarian) and all of rooms of the hotel have the most beautiful interior design. Not to mention that Encore must have an amazing ventilation system because you will not smell smoke in the casino unless you are sitting right next to someone that’s smoking. It’s a little further up the strip than Caesars or some of the other well known hotels, but that makes it really convenient when you have to take a cab because there will be hardly any traffic around your hotel 🙂

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