Just a little reminder…


It’s easy to forget one of the golden rules of fashion: Fashion should be fun!  Too often I hear people complain as if it’s a chore, that he or she (*sighneeeeeds to buy new clothes for work or a formal dress for an event.  Or there is the person who neeeeeds to only wear the current season, as if a jacket that hasn’t even had its one year birthday is now a fashion no-no.  Today, as a girlfriend and I wandered into one of the local downtown boutiques, we came across an array of quirky stuffed animals from the UK (mixed in with designer dresses and scented candles) which reminded me that even the most serious fashionistas shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.  Fashion should be fun!


5 thoughts on “Just a little reminder…

  1. What a fantastic reminder – I dont ever stress about it though and even my work clothes are fun or what makes me happy 🙂 I am interested to know what that book you’re reading it out of though – I read some of the other sentences and it sounds fantastic! I think never taking yourself too serious in life in general is the way to go as well 🙂

    Anna xo


    • It was from the book “Parisian Chic, A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange.” I love reading different books on style, but I bought this one because I will be visiting France in late summer/early fall. There are sooo many great shopping and eating suggestions from a local that you won’t find in any guide book :).

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