My previous college quarter was the busiest I have been in my college career.  (Thanks senior project)  During those few months I basically lived on my computer, writing…and reading…and writing.  But NOW I can officially say that I am in my last quarter of college, and will be graduating in June!  That being said,  I still have to focus for a few more months, and that means ignoring the 15+ books that I purchased during my busy quarter, with the hopes of leisurely reading them during my spring break.  Instead of staying inside and being a bookworm (which I secretly love), I spent the week visiting my sister in Campbell and doing some extreme shopping after my 11 weeks of senior project punishment.  Here are a few of the style books I’m dying to read.Image

And here are a few of the ones I’m currently reading thanks to my last four college classes.


A new chapter

Welcome to my new little side project, a place for me to share the things that inspire me on a daily basis.  In between studying, working, and living the life of a twenty-something girl, I can always find time to obsess over the ever-evolving fashion world and enjoy the beauty that inhabits California.  Enjoy!